The five senses of date night (even if you’re only dating yourself)

By Amelia Bell on

Summer has well and truly arrived and here at Brown and Ginger HQ, we sense a pleasing whiff of passion in the air... and since ‘in-in’ is still the new ‘out-out’ we thought we'd lend a helping hand for those dreamy date night vibes.

Yes, we are loving being able to head out for Friday night drinks and Saturday eve dinners, but why not make every night date night this summer?

Whether it’s an evening spent with a loved one or simply some time to love yourself, make space in your diary (and your home) because we are here to indulge you…. five ways 😉

Touching me, touching you

Touch is sexy and whether it’s feelin’ yourself or feelin’ someone else it’s always a good day.

We feel a lot about our surroundings by touch and put that into our home interiors by introducing different textures and soft furnishing features.

A film on the sofa is the classic at-home date night but add some tactile velvet cushions and a soft blanket into the mix and you’re suddenly snuggled up together, bringing intimacy... and maybe some sparks.

Speaking of sparks, a roaring fire is hella romantic but in 25 degree weather it might bring you out in a sweat for all the wrong reasons.

So get the fireside vibe of gentle lighting by adding a lantern to your living room and let the candlelight do the talking.

Gettin’ steamy with it

Nothing relaxes and refreshes like a hot, bubbly bath and whether it’s one of those ‘full works’ bathes in preparation for the evening ahead (you know the ones girls - razors out, face masks on) or a ‘lay-back and drift away to your happy place’ kinda evening soak, then scented candles are an absolute must.

Our fave for the bathroom is Amber Noir by Shearer Candles because, not only does it come in candle and diffuser versions, it’s violet and tuberose scent is luxuriously rich so you'll be able to enjoy it even over the scent of your shampoo and moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a lighter fragrance to wind away an hour with then Amber Blush, the more floral of the Shearers collection, is your girl.

To add some mood lighting, pop a few carefully placed tealights around the room before you slip into a little less and unwind a little more.

A taste of luxury

Popping a cork is the peak of mid-week date night... and a bit of fizz can go a long way if you’re out to impress.

Instead of the standard kitchen table tea-time, why not mix it up a bit more by taking your drinks elsewhere (we will leave your imagination to run wild there…)  and make use of a luxe wine cooler.

How very hotel-chic of you! Or, if a bottle of crisp white is more your style, prop it up with a bottle holder; ideal if you’ve ventured out into the garden for a sunset beverage and want to keep both the drinks and the romance flowing.

The look of love

Hello, flowers! Be they outside or in, we simply love love LOVE our floral features – what says ‘date night’ more than a lush bouquet or flourishing arrangement?!

Go full floral with a selection of faux stems that will be a beautiful reminder of a special evening for years to come, or if you’re the lucky recipient of a bountiful bunch of the real deal then display them as they deserve to be in a gorgeous new vase.

If placed as a dining table centrepiece or ‘casually’ popped on the sideboard, the vibe those flowers are going to bring is up-front, unadulterated romance!

Can you hear my heart a-beating? Bow chicka wow wow

Okay, so this one’s a bit tenuous, but since I didn’t think windchimes were too date-night-vibesy then you’ll have to go with me on this one... 

Be still my beating heart, my little ticker is working overtime for you. You can’t go wrong with an unexpected pressie to show your appreciation for your other half.

Take your pick from our carefully selected lovers’ gifts. Our ultimate buys from this collection must be our teeny tealights, the retro LED love bulbs and our red flocked winged bookends. Start the night by unwrapping a gift, end the night by unwrapping each other… oooh err!

At home date nights are well and truly ‘a thing’ and time with our loved ones is something that we should never take for granted. It’s time to get fancied up and make some memories…

Check out the full collection of date night goodies.

With much love,

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