Summer Vibes

By Josephine Marsh on

I don't know about you, but I've officially melted into a hot messy puddle here. There aren't enough ice lollies in the world to save me now.
We spend all year waiting for summer and then when it comes we find our British homes are just not cut out for the heat.
The price of a portable fan has predictably been hiked up a million percent and luxury has become getting a cold drink and leaving the fridge open a touch longer than the energy-conscious person in the house is really comfortable with, just to feel that delicious cool lapping at your neck.
But I hear rain is coming this weekend and that news is, confusingly, music to my ears. 
I hope that wherever you are you're managing to find some comfort, whether that's risking the *insert whatever frightens you here* getting your feet by sleeping without a sheet or doing some sort of home-made AC wizardry with a wet towel and a fan.
Stay hydrated out there folks, we'll get through this.
We've created a summery collection of our favourites that manage to bring a smile to our faces even when they're somewhat sweaty. 
We're talking plant misters to help keep those houseplants alive during this ridiculously warm weather, bright and bold bunting for quickly sprucing up the house or garden for when your guests pop round for a Pimms or two and bold tropical ornaments to really set the tone of the season.

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