About us (which is surprisingly quite a lot about you too)


It’s not often that a childhood friendship stands the test of time. All too frequently we lose touch with primary school pals or grow apart from those we were convinced we would stand by forever.

But, nearly all of us have that one friendship that, no matter where in the world or how long it’s been, slips right back into easy company and deep support.

We are lucky enough that this friendship grew into Brown and Ginger and is the driving force behind our brand; two women with a long history of rollerblading in the playground, questionable socks with 90's jelly shoes and a bit of underage drinking thrown in for good measure.

Simply put, the purest friendship that could ever be.

Growing up we drifted in and out of each other’s lives to differing levels of significance but with the unwavering knowledge that, if needed, we were always each other’s first port of call.

Navigating the milestones of adulthood was never going to be an insurmountable challenge with a kinship like ours to fall back on.

Through the highs and lows that we've both faced in the past 35+ years, we’ve learnt that it’s always better to pick up the phone and call that friend; you’ll instantly feel like you’re home.

And home is a very important place to both of us; home means family, security, calm, warmth and love.

Brown and Ginger curates beautiful, elegant, sometimes bonkers and fiercely bold pieces to enhance your home with. Creating a perfect space that’s totally unique to you; your sanctuary for safety where you are only yourself... because that’s all you need to be. 

Just like a true friendship where you're surrounded by love and acceptance, we want your home to cradle you and provide that comfort we all seek. 

We’re a small business with big ambitions, a huge heart and a low carbon footprint.

Now, let’s make your home that bit more beautiful.

Much love,

Jo and Amelia xx