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We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Shearer Candles, we are  imminently launching a new range of home fragrances and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Here is an overview of the company that has been managed by only two different families since it was founded over 120 years ago - wow!


Established in 1897, Shearer Candles is a leading creator and purveyor of artisan candles and scented products. Working with only the purest ingredients and inspired by their undeniably beautiful surroundings in Scotland, their goal is to continually exceed the expectations of customers around the world by delivering superior quality and exceptional choice.

Shearer Candles has always been the go-to candle brand for me and I often get compliments on how nice my home smells - it's 'Amber Noir', in case you're wondering!

As the oldest producer of lifestyle candles in the UK, everything Shearer does is underpinned by a long tradition of Scottish candle making. The founders, Mr Shearer and Mr Harvey, initially worked in the Candleriggs area which is one of Glasgow’s oldest streets and the city's historic home of candle making before opening their own factory on the city outskirts.

Today, the founders would be astonished to see the factory full of cutting-edge candle making technology and to know that Shearer Candles are popular the world over. Whilst much has changed, Shearer Candles are still recognised for their artisanal approach, attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Both Shearer and us believe their products should be and are nothing short of exceptional. Everyone at Shearer Candles is personally responsible for achieving outstanding quality; whether they are sourcing materials, representing the brand, or testing, making and packing the products.

Throughout their long history, Shearer Candles has always been family run. When the last of the Shearers retired in 1972, the Barnet family took to the helm and is proud to now be in their third generation.



Taking an average of six months from drawing board to first flame, Shearer Candles take their time to get the finer details right. Each product has its own unique concept, design and recipe that takes into account the reactions between shapes, waxes and scents.

They are continuously updating their portfolio, experimenting with new materials and scents to reflect current trends. Every small batch made is tested to ensure customers experience the superior quality they know, love and associate with Shearer Candles.

Quality and innovation are hallmarks for Shearer Candles; known for their fragrances and unique designs.


Shearer use raw materials that are certified to the highest standard. Waxes are sourced from across Europe and the scents originate from France and the United States to develop a range of superior products.

Each fragrance used is handpicked by their experienced team and sourced from accredited fragrance suppliers from around the world in accordance with regulation.

Shearer use concentrated fragrance in all their scented candles and diffusers and fragrance each candle throughout to ensure the scent lasts for the duration of the candle’s life. By minimising non-fragranced carrier oils they produce a better burning candle.


The company continues to have a family ethos and considers its skilled and dedicated workforce one of its most valuable assets. 

They have an in-house product development and design team as well as full testing facilities to meet the growing compliance requirements in a fast developing regulatory environment.



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