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Lioness Ceramic Head Wall Sconce
Lioness Ceramic Head Wall Sconce

Lioness Ceramic Head Wall Sconce


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Our range of wall mounted animal head planter vases are just a little bit bonkers but we love how they add a splash of fun to an otherwise plain wall and are petite enough to fit almost anywhere in your home. They look great in pairs or trios (or more!) too.

This is the elegant lioness from the collection, who looks just as good with a head full of foliage as she does empty! She's ready to move away from the African Plains to be the queen of your home.

This item is intended for use with artificial flowers only, of which we have a fabulous selection, or if you'd like to use real flowers we recommend lining her with florist's cellophane first to ensure the water stays where it should!

Complementary items available.

Product Information:

Height: 17cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 19cm
Material: Ceramic
Finish: Multi
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