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PRE-ORDER Antique Gold Fern Leaf Chandelier
PRE-ORDER Antique Gold Fern Leaf Chandelier

PRE-ORDER Antique Gold Fern Leaf Chandelier


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Much like kids, Brown and Ginger aren't meant to have favourites, but we just can't help ourselves with this fern leaf chandelier. If you ever wanted statement lighting, look no further. 

Chandeliers evolved from the candelabra and were invented during the medieval period. They originally used candles as their source of light but in the 18th century gas lights were introduced and then later the electric light as we know it now. Chandelier lighting is the height of decadence; Ranging from chic and classic to overly ornate and ostentatious, there is one for every home.

This fern leaf chandelier is an exquisite piece of design, well proportioned to hang centrally in a room it isn't too in-your-face to dominate you interior but a stylish eye will spot it immediately. It also comes with just under a metre of adjustable chain for you to set it at the appropriate height for your room. The chain can be adjusted in 5cm increments by removing links.

Ideal for your hallway, lounge or dining room this piece is going to bring a smile every time you light her up.  

As seen here in @Urbanistabecky‘s gorgeous home over on the ‘gram 😍

Pair with a vintage style B22 bulb to complete the look (not included).

This piece must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Product Information:

Total Height: 145cm
Fitting Height: 35cm
Chain Length: 91cm (Adjustable)
Width: 53cm
Depth: 51cm
Weight: 4.18kg
Socket: B22 (max. 40w)
Material: Metal
Finish: Antique Bronzed Gold
Ceiling Pan Diameter: 12cm
Ceiling Pan Finish: Antique Bronzed Gold
Voltage: 220 - 240v 50Hz
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