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Rose Glass Jellyfish Paperweight
Rose Glass Jellyfish Paperweight

Rose Glass Jellyfish Paperweight


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Paperweights came into being back in 1845 when a Venetian glass-maker named Pietro Bigaglia first created and exhibited his designs at the Vienna Industrial Exposition.

Since then they've taken many forms and have evolved from functional pieces to simply a display of decadence and style.

These beautiful jellyfish paperweights each contain a colourful and exquisite replica of the magnificent creature, held permanently suspended within the glass.

They are delicately held within a black and silver gift box that is completed by a silk lining - the perfect gift for a person who has it all, perhaps?

The jellyfish paperweights are available in seven colours, both available in a smaller and larger size.

Product Information:

Height: 11cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 7cm
Material: Glass
Finish: Pink
Weight: 710g
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