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Ornamental Hanging Airplant Vine

Ornamental Hanging Airplant Vine


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Ah houseplants, we love you, we do. But we are just not great at the watering and nurturing side. So, in an aid to beat cruelty to indoor foliage, we will only be displaying faux plants from now on! 

This is one of our favourites; the ornamental hanging airplant vine which is arranged around a ball.

Coming ready to hang from its rustic twine, it's perfect for a bathroom or kitchen as it hangs down 85cm, making quite the statement.

It's a high quality piece and looks incredibly realistic, your friends won't know it's not a beautifully maintained real thing. You green-fingered thing, you... Shhhh, we won't tell if you won't!

Product Information:

Height: 85m 
Width: 17cm
Depth: 17cm
Material: Plastic
Finish: Green
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