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Large Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
Large Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Large Black Forest Cuckoo Clock


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It is unknown who invented the cuckoo clock or even where the first one was made but it is thought that much of the development and evolution of the idea was made in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany, the region where the cuckoo clock was popularised.
Today, the cuckoo clock is one of the favourite souvenirs of travellers to the region and has become a cultural icon of Germany. We think they're fabulous and so have brought a couple to the Brown and Ginger range, we hope you like them!

This cuckoo clock has a dark gothic feel to it, coupled with a majestic stag's head at the top and is flanked by bird sentries.

The acorn-esque drop downs, stag's head and detailed outer frame of the clock have been made from lightweight matte black plastic whilst the main frame of the cuckoo clock is crafted from wood with a silky black finish.

The white detailing of the cuckoo, clock face and hands stands out well against the black and will surely be a beloved piece within your home.

Product Information:

Height: 56cm
Width: 44cm
Depth: 17cm
Batteries: Requires Two D Batteries
Finish: Black
Material: Wood, Plastic
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