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Giant Ten Pin Bowling Ornament

Giant Ten Pin Bowling Ornament


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We're not known for following the well-trodden path here at B&G, we like to curate a selection of items that make you smile and some things that are just a little bit bonkers (because who doesn't need a laugh every now and then!).

This giant bowling pin was a favourite the moment I saw it. It throws me right back to the days when Amelia and I (the other half of B&G) would go down to Hollywood Bowl, don the shoes that always felt a little bit icky and knock down a few pins before busting some moves on the dance machine and getting a little bit too into the air hockey machine. It reminds me of simpler times and I love it for that. 

Why not bring some retro nostalgia to your home (or perhaps to a bowling fanatic’s home) with this fabulous hand-painted ornament that stands just shy of a lofty two feet tall!

Product Information:

Height: 58.8cm
Width: 19.3cm
Depth: 19.3cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Material: Resin
Finish: White, Red
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