Faux Single Stem Red Gerbera
Faux Single Stem Red Gerbera

Faux Single Stem Red Gerbera


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Faux flowers and greenery are a fabulous way of bringing colour to a room and whilst live plants aren't always practical for every situation these beauties can be placed anywhere indoors (or outdoors under full cover from the elements).

Artificial flowers have lots of obvious benefits over live plants, they only require a bit of dusting every now and then! They need no maintenance and are robust, they can happily sit in even the darkest corner of your office or home.

Where you may not be able to have the live plant you had your eye on because the location is too dark/light/cold/hot, your artificial plant can go anywhere and still look good - what's not to love!

Single stem gerbera, these will be sent with curled stems which require gently uncurling.

Product Information:

Height: 41cm
Width: TBC
Depth: TBC
Weight: 0.06kg
Material: Plastic, Fabric
Finish: Green, Red
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