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Clear Botanical Style Plant Mister

Clear Botanical Style Plant Mister


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Every time someone buys a water mister we can almost hear their houseplants say 'thank you' with a sigh of relief!

Plants such as ferns, orchids and peace lilies love to be misted as it more suits their natural humid habitat, especially as they are prone to dying of root-rot from over watering.

This clear glass and bronze mister is simplistic style at its very best. It's cool and contemporary whilst being utterly functional; an indispensable tool for those indoor gardeners among us

Always check with your plant retailer how best to care for them and keep your new plant mister close by for regular use.

Product Information:

Height: 16.5cm
Width: 7.9cm
Depth: 7.9cm
Material: Glass, Plastic
Finish: Clear, Bronze
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