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Antique Silver Elephant Wall Head

Antique Silver Elephant Wall Head


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If you're a fan of elephant pictures or art then go one step further with our impressive elephant wall head. The detail in this piece is nothing short of exquisite; he's an utterly divine beast who's packed full of character and charm that will make a powerful design statement hanging on your wall.

Crafted from high quality resin, our Indian elephant head has an antique silver finish that picks out the rough texture of his hide and embroidered motif of his headpiece. His trunk gently curves creating an appealing expression, with his inquisitive eyes looking out into your room. 

This chap is more than just a lovely ornament - he's a magnificent piece of compact 3D wall art evoking feelings of exotic travel, peace and harmony.

Product Information: 

Height: 31cm
Width: 31cm
Depth: 14cm
Material: Resin
Finish: Antique Silver
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