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PRE-ORDER Antique Gold Roaring Hippo Table Lamp

PRE-ORDER Antique Gold Roaring Hippo Table Lamp


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Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa and so it makes total sense to make a table lamp looking like he's chomping down on a bulb... right? Well, we think so and simply adore this statement table lamp.

Emerging from your table-top, his handsome antique gold finish has a lustre we associate with luxury goods.

He gets extra character from his lovely eyes and tiny ears, with realistic wrinkly effect hide surrounding his powerful neck.

He comes complete with a simple black wire and inline switch for ease of use.

We only have one piece of advice for you - whether he's used as a bold bedside lamp or to illuminate your reading corner in the living room, please watch your fingers when your near him ;-)

Product Information:

Height: 21.5cm
Width: 27.5cm
Depth: 18cm
Finish: Antique Gold
Maximum Wattage: 40w
Voltage: 230v (50Hz)
Weight: 1kg
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