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152cm Potted Faux Field Grass
152cm Potted Faux Field Grass

152cm Potted Faux Field Grass


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Faux plants and flowers have previously had a bit of a reputation for not matching the beauty of the real deal which is why we've sourced some incredible pieces that will bring texture, style and a pop of colour to your rooms with no effort required, well... they might need a little wipe with a duster every now and again!

Why choose faux plants? They are great for allergy sufferers or for those with pets who'd be at risk of chewing on the real versions. They're also fabulous for darker rooms or if you are away a lot so can't be there to water them. They're also great for your pocket - though they may be a little more expensive at first, they'll last a lifetime!

This large potted faux field grass will be a statement piece within your home, why not pair it with a fabulous ceramic pot?

Product Information:

Height: 152cm
Width: 84cm (if opened out)
Depth: 84cm (if opened out)
Material: Plastic
Finish: Green
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